“Annie” Musical Cast’s Voice Lessons Come To Santa Cruz!
Children Singing Lessons Santa Cruz

To take private or group singing lessons is one thing, but to perform on stage is a whole other beast to face. Our vocal students here are always encouraged to take their hard earned talents to the stage as often as possible. In this recent performance it was Annie Jr. A musical production put on by Christian Youth Theater. 

How Our Singing Lessons Help Prepare Our Students

Children Singing Lessons Santa CruzMore often than not a musical production, though filled with many benefits, doesn’t focus directly on the performers voice in the production. They’re more focused on the overall performance. This causes the performers to generalize their voice to “blend” with the other performers which in the long term can cause problems for the individual. You see each voice is different, so it must be treated and developed with different techniques specific to that student. Our private voice lessons here in Santa Cruz and Scotts Valley are specifically tailored to the student taking lessons. We do NOT generalize our lessons with the same warmups and techniques for all students. Each vocal student is given a full assessment on the first day of their singing lessons. They are able to go home with the knowledge of what their personal vocal range is, their problems area, what’s causing them and what specific techniques need to be practiced to solve them. This gives each vocal student the ability to go home and practice their designated techniques that are targeted to remove any vocal problems. The results come much FASTER this way!

Vocal Performance Lessons Put To Action in Santa Cruz

Annie Musical Singing Lessons Scotts Valley
This production of Annie Jr was quite phenomenal! The fact that we had six students, yes SIX Forte Vocal¬†students, in this production. With our star students playing such supporting roles as Herbert Hoover played by our student Zach Lyndman, Lead Orphan Molly played by our student Anaelle Deschesnes, and many other supporting roles played by our vocal students Rachel Schultz, Lydia Lyndman, Emily Merriner, and Cammie Smith. The production was truly a smash hit! All performances were sold out, and for good cause. This was truly a collection of some of the most talented young adults and children I had seen in years. With more productions on the way our student now prepare for Beauty and The Beast. There’s no stoping these kids from getting on stage and SHINNING!¬†