Record Testimonial

How to Create a Great Video Testimonial

Optimal Length: 45 seconds – 2 minutes

  • Introduction (10-20 seconds)


Professional background

  • Before (10-30 seconds)

Where you were in your life before Audrey/Forte Method?

What problems were you experiencing?

What weaknesses were you trying to improve upon?

What goals were you hoping to achieve?

What were your pain points?

  • During (10-30 seconds)

Which teaching did you begin implementing?

How did you implement this?

For how long?

  • After (10-30 seconds)

Where are you now?

What goal/accomplishment have you achieved?

Give specifics. (Ex. If it has increased your vocal range, state by how much.)

  • Conclusion (5-15 seconds)

What thanks and appreciation do you have for the impact it has had on your life.

Recording on your phone? Please turn the phone SIDEWAYS TO LANDSCAPE before pressing record.

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