Scotts Valley Singing Day Camp

What activities do kids do in a SANTA CRUZ singing day camp?

Scotts Valley Singing Day CampThe singing techniques we teach at Forte Vocal Academy is unique to our classes and private lessons. We have had amazing success with all our past students and is with this same method that we teach all of our summer camps as well. This method plus the combined years of experience on stage, screen and recording studios allows us to properly teach our students how to safely sing without damaging the vocal cords all while explaining it in a language anyone could understand. Starting each day of camp with basic warmups gives us the opportunity to apply good practices to your young one and sets a foundation that they will carry throughout their lives. They can expect to see improved singing range, lengthening vocal cord life span, and overall improved vocal technique. We offer this as a daily routine to all of our SANTA CRUZ  day camps.

We also offer some simple staging and choreography techniques, giving your child a chance to be empowered by adding their own imagination and ideas. At the end of every Santa Cruz singing day camp is a showcase where they display to friends and family everything learned at the week of camp. You have the chance to see them have fun while, unbeknownst to them, learning multitasking, timing, rhythm, and how to battle one of the biggest fears in America, public speaking!

To tie it all together we teach them to express themselves by allowing your child make their own costumes. No other Santa Cruz day camp makes this available. We hand pic clothing, fabric, and other accessories to personalize every kid in our final showcase. Theres no such thing as too much glitter here! The kids have the full decision making power in this subject, we just make sure they don’t glue their hands together or something like that!

What makes Forte Vocals summer camp different from any other Santa Cruz singing day camp?

Most theatrical style day camps buy a pre-set package and just assign parts to it’s participants. While this has been the norm for a long time, we at Forte Vocal Academy feel this is dated. If you have ever tried to get a part in a play or show, you know the feeling of disappointment when you don’t get the part you want or get in the play at all. A lot of kids feel left out while a few others get lead roles and more active parts. We feel that this not only inhibits kids and holds them back from expressing themselves but also makes them feel like they are not good enough. The vocal coaches we have on staff work with the kids from scratch, from start to finish. Our voice teachers work with the students to create something completely original and personalized to that specific camp. Foundational singing instruction; staging/choreography, costumes, songs, pictures, improvisation and decision making as a team. And everyone gets a solo role!! Kids of all ages working together to achieve the goal of putting on a fantastic show by the end of the week for their loved ones to see. We want every child to walk away from one of our Santa Cruz singing day camps knowing that they can do more than just play a role, they can create something magical!


Here’s An EXAMPLE of one of our Summer Day Camps:


What can your child take away from a Santa Cruz singing day camp?

Singing Day Camp Scotts ValleyEmpowerment, individuality, teamwork, artistic expression, etc. These are just a few that come to mind right off the bat. The experience that comes with a Santa Cruz singing day camp should be something they carry throughout their lives. Making new friends or strengthening bonds between already made friendships. Self expression and blooming in a team oriented setting. Learning to share and mentor. They are gaining abilities to structure and fine tune something they already love to do, dancing and singing. We educate the necessity of compromising and team building, as well as allowing individuality to flourish. The list goes on and on. OurSanta Cruz singing day camps hit so many nails on the head, we could build a house! (lol) But really, its so much more than just another camp, its an experience of a life time. We want your kids to leave wanting more, whether to continue on to another one of our camps or any other artistic medium they move on to in their young lives. We also photograph and record the whole process of their camp experience in order to help them remember the awesome time they had at Forte Vocal Academy!

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