Scotts Valley summer Day Camps

What is the best location for Santa Cruz summer day camps?

Scotts Valley Summer Day CampLocation is a key factor when choosing a day camp for your little one(s). Living in Santa Cruz County, you know about the issues we have with traffic. Even through a downtown location may sound nice, you want to asses the amount of traffic you’ll be facing during the popular and traffic on jested summer tourist time. Also take note of how far off the freeway is the summer day camp location. It may be registered in the same town as you, but are there a large amount of stop lights between the exit on the freeway and the location? Also asses the amount of parking for the location as well. It’s always easy to drop off your child for their day camp, but there will always be days when you need to park and walk them in. No one likes to spend twenty minutes looking for a parking spot and even more time looking for change to feed the meter!

We here at Forte Vocal Academy We have the ability to cater not onlySanta Cruz but all of Santa Cruz county from the Boulder Creek and Aptos commuter working over the hill, to the neighbor that can walk on over.  So when looking for a summer day camp in Santa Cruz  always try to keep their location in mind. 

How to find the value in a day camp within Santa Cruz?

For most folks, value means having to choose between quality or quantity, and even within that decision there are a lot of moving parts to consider. How many teachers are available and are they experienced with children like yours? It’s great to have a teacher help your child but it’s especially nice when your boy has a male vocal coach to relate to. What is the kid per teacher ratio? Often times summer day camps in Santa Cruz County are over crowded. Your child won’t get the one on one attention needed if there are simply too many kids in the class for the amount of teachers. What do you want your child to learn from the experience? Going into a camp knowing what that specific camp provides will fit the needs and wants not only of your child but also of you as a parent will make the end result so much sweeter. Pricing options? see if the camp has any specials, scholarship programs, half day or walk in prices to better fit your pocket. Appropriate education concerning age groups? Special needs? The list goes on! We at Forte Vocal Academy feel that the only way to address any concerns and needs is to be flexible and adaptable to anyone and everyone that walks through our door. We work to bring both quality and quantity at a price that is affordable. At only $225 for the week, thats 9am-3pm (6hours) Monday-Friday and breaks down to only $7.50 an hour! Best baby sitter ever! (lol) So when looking for the right amount of value in a day camp inSanta Cruz just go through your list of questions and see which one best fits your requirements.


Here’s An EXAMPLE of one of our Summer Day Camps:


What are some benefits to parents who are looking for a summer day camp?

Summer Camp Scotts ValleyMost parents are already pretty busy. During the school year, I’m sure you can relate to the battle of being on time! Running from school, after school programs, minimum days, tutoring, day care, all the while, you are cramming this to work with you’re own schedule. What if you have more than one child and they all want to do different things. Sheesh!! We created our summer day camp hours to work with you in mind. By starting at 9am and ending at 3pm, we wanted to adapt to the schedule your child would have if they were still in school. By splitting it into weekly intervals, you still have the option of taking that summer family vacation. We also wanted to keep you informed and involved with your child’s progress. Weekly summer day camps make it easier to do that , especially when we run a showcase at the end of each one! With direct contact with teachers and program directors, you’ll be able to enjoy and have fun right along side your child as they progress. This up close personalization of the summer day camp for your Scotts Valley child is what makes our camp the obvious choice. 

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