Melanie Astles, Aptos CA

“5 stars isn’t enough to describe how much Audrey is an amazing and a unique vocal performance teacher. Not only she is an powerful artist herself, but she is able to transfer her experience and gift to our children. She has the ability to bring a student out of their shell and shine. Audrey thought my daughter Anaelle to express herself to the fullest with music. She is professional yet, intuitive. She can read and pinpoint the students insecurities and transform it into a strength. AMAZING! Audrey uses age appropriate technics, such as crazy cartoon voices and my daughter love it. I must say that Anaelle has developed a special bond with her teacher. Every time she comes out of her lesson, she glows! Audrey’s loving affection towards my 9 year old child has made a positive difference in her life. She is an inspiring role model for her. Audrey also prepares her students for future performances and is proud to “show off ” her kids to the world. She makes them work hard but gives them rewards/treats for their good work. Audrey is wonderful, again, 5 stars isn’t enough to rate her qualifications. From a blessed Mom who is looking forward to continue seeing her child blossom, thanks to Audrey and Forte Vocal Academy.”