Ria Viramontes, Ben Lomond CA

“My daughter recently attended the Katy Perry Camp by Forte Vocal Academy and she had a very positive experience. Initially, I was a little worried, because it was a long day (6 hours) and she is pretty young (6 years old). I wanted to make sure that she enjoyed the experience of singing and that it was not too strict about the right and/or wrong way to sing. The vocal coaches, Danny and Audrey, were both very approachable and immediately put my concerns to rest. They let me know that their main mission is to cultivate a love of singing, creativity, and also have fun in the process. That was exactly what I wanted to hear. I felt that the coaches were very intuitive in sensing my child’s needs, and knew when she needed a break, and also knew when they could push her a bit further and challenge her. I was surprised at the end of the camp how confident she had become, and how comfortable she was on stage. Since the camp, I have witnessed her perform the songs and choreography on more than one occasion. She also has begun to write out lyrics of other songs that she wants to sing. (In her 6 year old writing style). I would definitely consider one on one lessons for her in the future, just because she had such a positive experience at the camp. Overall, Forte exceeded my expectations. My daughter would have loved to do all the camps if our schedule would allow for it. We will definitely be considering future camps and lessons.”