Santa Cruz Student Spotlight: Anaelle

Student Spotlight: Anaelle

Singing Lessons Santa CruzI remember when Anaelle first walked into the music studio. If her bright blonde curly hair and big eyes didn’t catch your attention , then her shinning smile would for sure. Judging by appearance, I expected a huge voice to come out when she first started singing, but it was just the opposite. As big as her smile was, it seemed her voice was hidden away by her shyness. She hadn’t learned how to express herself to fullest with music. Well luckily she was in the right place! Bringing people out of their shell is my specialty as a music teacher.

It’s actually very common for a student to first show up very shy and timid. Often times they don’t want anyone in the room and they especially don’t want the video camera on. It’s my job as a singing teacher to break the ice and that’s exactly what I did with Anaelle. I gave her a big huge and told her that no matter what, I would sing everything first, then she would sing with me and finally, when she felt ready, she would sing on her own. After a few scales of me singing at the TOP of my lungs in a funny “cartoon” voice, a crazy video of how the vocal cords work and a ton laughs, the ice had been broken.Private Singing Teacher Santa Cruz

That little shy soft spoken girl that timidly stepped into her voice lesson is now gone! Anaelle sings to the top of her lungs, belting out notes that most of my adult singers can’t accomplish yet. But singing isn’t where it stops! At the last showcase she not only sang two advanced songs, but she managed to memorize and perform our choreography at the same time! This little girl was a show stopper!

It’s my pleasure to give Anaelle private singing lessons here in Santa Cruz. I can’t wait to see her develop into a phenomenal performer, welcoming the smiles of all those watching.


-Audrey McDonald

Head Vocal Coach, Santa Cruz