Vocal Students Perform In Hairspray

Singing Lessons Santa CruzHere at Forte Vocal Performance Academy we take a lot of pride in seeing our hard working students perform on stage. There truly is no point in working so hard on your talents if you’re not going to share them with an audience. Luckily I recently had the honor of watching Michaela, our vocal student here in Santa Cruz, perform in a¬†production of Hairspray. Boy what a show!

Michaela came to her first singing lesson as a very shy, soft spoken singer. She hadn’t taken lessons before and had never been in any productions on stage. She was excited to start singing folk music with her ukulele, but didn’t have her sights on much more. Now obviously that has changed.Singing Teacher Santa Cruz

The audience was packed to the brim with close to only standing room available….and all were there for a great reason. The show was fantastic! Michaela was shinning as a Dynamite on stage! Her presence would fill the room when she stepped on stage with her bright costumes, high energy dance moves and of course her beautiful singing voice. Now I must say to go from a shy vocal student to now a beaming performer is not easy.

You see to sing is one thing, but to perform is a whole other beast! You have to not only worry about the singing part of performing, but now you have to add in choreography, staging and props. That’s a lot to think about all at once! Luckily here at Forte Vocal Performance Academy our singing teachers help the vocal students perfect the whole performing package. During their private singing lessons in Santa Cruz they are giving movements, thought process and examples of how to perform on stage. All our students are fully prepared to display their talents and take to the stage with all their songs.

It was a pleasure watching our vocal student Michaela perform with excellence. Keep it up!

-Audrey McDonald

Head Vocal Coach, Santa Cruz