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Top Male Vocal Coach In Santa Cruz County

male vocal coach santa cruzFinding the right vocal coach in Santa Cruz can be frustrating, but to find a male vocal coach in Santa Cruz can be down right aggravating! After plenty of google searches you may find that all there seems to be available are low quality teachers…well if you can even call them teachers! Many of the so called “teachers” are no more than Joe Nobody who thinks his experience blowing out his vocal chords in a rock band entitles him to teach! Or how about the old lady who teaches from her living room piano and insists that you only study classical music. If you want to learn out dated techniques at a high price then be our guest, but if you’re looking for something up to date then you’re reading the right blog!

How Do You Choose The Best Male Vocal Coach?

Here at Forte Vocal Academy we have only the best male vocal coaches. We take pride in providing only top notch vocal coaches. Each candidate goes through an aggressive interview process including background check, references from previous voice students, and even an on the spot singing audition that must be done acapella! We know that many people claim to be able to teach, but when it comes down to it they can’t. We’re here to make sure that those phonies are weeded out very quickly. But the process doesn’t end at the interview.

Each male vocal coach is then put through a rigorous schedule of training to update their teaching skills. We make sure that they are no longer teaching the old style of vocal coaching. So much training from schools become outdated by the time it is approved to be taught in class. It’s not uncommon to hear teachers refer to the “head voice” and “chest voice” terms. Did you know that those terms were created back when they didn’t have the micro technology to see with cameras down in your throat. They actually thought that the “head voice” was created in your HEAD and the “chest voice” was created in your CHEST!

…um no! It’s created in your throat from your vocal chords! Duh!

…But how often do you hear people use those out dated terms?

What Is Your Male Vocal Coach Up To Date Training?

After being hired, each male vocal coach here in Santa Cruz goes through a set of updated training. They are trained in the Shustroff Method as well as many contemporary Talking Techniques. These methods are based off of science and studies on how the vocal chords function. This gives the teacher the ability to assess the vocal problem, find out why it’s happening, and then how to correct it. By knowing the function of the vocal chords the male coach is able to quickly improve the singers voice with on point directions. It is not uncommon for a student to see improvements in their singing voice within the first singing lesson!

So what are you waiting for? 

Come get a private voice lesson from one of our male vocal coaches and hear your voice improve!

male vocal coach santa cruz