How do I find private singing lessons for boys in Santa Cruz?
Private Voice Lessons Boys Santa Cruz

How do I find private singing lessons for boys in santa cruz

Private Singing Lessons Boys Santa CruzIn the singing lesson business, you come across all ages seeking to further their vocal skills. When it comes to our younger generation (I’m talking like 13 or younger), I have yet to find any real differences between boy or girl that would lead me to recommend any specifically gendered teacher. Truth be told, I tend to suggest our lead vocal coach, who happens to be a woman, to anyone in that age group…..especially boys! LOL! But, when it comes to finding the right private singing lessons for boy in Santa Cruz, it’s not a question of gender, it’s a question of experience. Vocally, I find no reason to separate by gender since during this age and development of boys or girls, the vocal cords sound pretty much the same. With this in mind, I give you the best advice I can give…. explore your options. Google it, Yelp it, check your local listings but don’t seek out just a male teacher or coach just because you are looking for private singing lessons for boys in the Santa Cruz Area. The best place I have found to find musical teachers and coaches in general is any of your local musical instrument outlets! Some in our area are Starving musician, Sylvan music, a walk downtown could do someone some good if they were so inclined.

What are the things to consider when searching for private singing lessons for boys in santa cruz?


Private Voice Lessons Boys Santa CruzAs I said above, vocally speaking, there aren’t many differences between boys or girls before a certain age. If you are determined to find a male vocal coach when searching for private singing lessons for boys in Santa Cruz, know that it will take a well-trained ear to train affectively. The vocal cords are vastly different between a boy and a man. I would suggest sitting in on the lesson at first. The bigger issue I find has more to do with personality traits. This runs true for both boys and girls, and a good singing teacher must be adaptable to any situation that kids can throw at them. Common reoccurring scenarios that happen for me have more to do with keeping the child challenged and  making sure they’re having fun while still learning something. I don’t know if this has anything to do with gender, but I have noticed that more of my students that are boys are shy or embarrassed. It’s important to find someone that will work well with that scenario and still allow the child to flourish. When considering private singing lessons for boys in Santa Cruz, try your best to find anyone that will best fit the characteristics of your child.

How does private singing lessons for boys in Santa Cruz really help my boy?

Private Singing Lesson Boys Santa CruzI’m not sure how much people know of this, but private singing lessons go so much farther than just teaching or coaching people how to sing. Particularly at a young age, learning how to sing helps improve social skills, public speaking, breathing function, air capacity, self esteem, creativity, etc. If I spent a little time researching the benefits of private singing lessons, the list would be a little daunting. There is a sense of pride to build up the nerve to perform something, anything in front of people. One of the biggest fears (if not, THE biggest) is public speaking. Does anyone really have any idea of how ridiculous that’s sounds! We are a society that pays billions to the entertainment industry, meanwhile dreaming of being in the limelight ourselves in some way, shape or form. Voice lessons are just one form of self expression I think should be allowed to glow in all of us. But I feel this way most of all with our kids. It is important to teach our kids that they have a voice and they shouldn’t be afraid to use.