After-School Programs In Santa Cruz County

Why should I sign my child up for an after-school program in Santa Cruz County?

After-School Program Scotts ValleyEven though a school day may end for your child, it doesn’t mean that a work day ends for the parent. So what are parents supposed to do with their child during the couple hours of blank time between school and work? Many parents have turned to afterschool programs to fill this void. These classes are a great way to keep your child entertained and at the same time educated while you are working your 9-5. By keeping your child busy at an after-school program in Santa Cruz County, you are helping them continually learn good work and play habits. It’s often the idle hands of children that get in the most trouble or are simply anxious to “do something” when you get home exhausted from a long day of work.

After-school programs in Santa Cruz also allows your child to have the creative freedom to choose what they want to learn more about. In school they are given a ciriclum of what they will be working on eachday with no wriggle room or ability to make choices. With their afterschool program they are given the opportunity to choose an activity they love and want to further develop. This gives them a sense of control as well as a great way for them to start figuring out where they would like to head towards in their adult future.

Within the confines of a daily school regimen they are also restricted to only making contact with the other children of that specific school. This is a great way to make life long friends, however it can also limit their ability to make new friends over time. Getting out of their comfort zone and saying hello to new faces isn’t possible when they see the same children each and every day. With an afterschool program this would change. Your child will have the chance to meet new friends each start of a new after-school program. They also get the benefit of meeting new friends who have the same common interests as they do. This makes making new friends a while lot easier and puts them in a positive atmosphere. This positive experience will easily trnafer into their future releationships with new co-workers, bosses and much more.Scotts Valley After-School Programs

What type of after-school music programs are available in Santa Cruz County?

After-School Programs Santa CruzThere are several differet types of options for after-school music programs here in Santa Cruz County. Luckily this area is very music oriented so the options are vast in comparison to other areas. The most comomonly thought of music program for after-school activities are those that involve instruments. Guitar, drums and ukelele classes seem to be the most commonly sought after. If your child has a want to learn or better their skills at an instrument then putting them in an after school program focused on those instruments would be mostly a great idea. These programs can consist of simply a one on one formal lesson or a group lesson. They can also consist of putting a band together or even having a performance based class.

An external musical instrument isn’t the only pathway for a great after-school program option. Music classes can also focus on the instrument inside…your voice. These programs can come in a variety of different ways. They can be private one on one singing lessons, group lessons or they can even combine different artistic abilities into one with music theater. Music theater will combine the talents of singing, dancing and acting all in one. This can be a benefit or a drawback depending on the childs interest. Just because your child has a love for singing, doesn’t necessarily mean that they will enjoying the acting side of music theater. In that case singing lessons may be the direction to go.

Here at Forte Vocal Academy we provide a variety of after-school programs all focused directly on singing and performance. This can be taken at a small personal level with our one on one private instruction from one of our hughly qualified voice teachers or you can choose to go to a larger scaled class with our options of group lessons. There are classes available for all ages and levels of singers interested in improving their voice and havoing a blast at the same time.

Scotts Valley After-School Programs

Why choose singing as an after-school programs out of all available in Santa Cruz?

If singing is a joy to your child and your looking at enrolling them in one of our after-school programs, then lets tScotts Valley After-School Programsake a moment to go over the benefits of these classes in the short term and long term of your child’s life experience. Right off the bat you can save money with vocal classes over an instrument like a guitar, simply because you don’t have to buy your child’s instrument. They made it all on their own! It’s right there in their throat! This also prevents any excuses from not practicing. No more leaving your instrument at home. It goes with you everywhere you go! Ha! The short term benefits are easy to see within your child quickly. Just the fact that they’ll be learning more about their own personal body, self control, and positive visualizations to fine tune their instrument will be quickly seen. Plus they’ll be reaching out to new friends each class and overcoming such fears as singing in front of other people and memorization of songs quickly.

The convience and financial benefits are not the only ones your child will see from their after-school singing program here in Santa Cruz. There are many short term qualities learned that will develop into long term skills for the future. Take stage fright for instance. Your child will learn through positive reinforments and within a safe supportive environment how to perform on stage. This conquers not only the fear of stage fright, but also the number one fear of Americans, Public Speaking. This positive experience will transfer into all public speaking from as simple as meeting new co-workers to as impacting as a job interview or even as intense as presenting a new project to corporate CEOs! Your child will develop the skills of performance into many future accomplishments.

Scotts Valley After-School Programs