Summer Activities For Kids In Scotts Valley / Santa Cruz
Summer Activities Kids Scotts Valley

It’s Summer!

What are some great activities for kids in Scotts Valley & Santa Cruz County?

Summer Activities Kids Scotts ValleyWhen it comes to choosing the best activities for your children in Scotts Valley and Santa Cruz County it can be a little overwhelming! There are just so many choices! The options spread between a plethora of topics from sports to art to computers. Sport activities can include summer golf, tennis, soccer, basketball, soft ball, or even cheerleading. Now arts activities can include music theater, dance, singing, acting, painting and much more. There are even camps for kids who love computer programming or simply computer gaming. 

Once you’ve chosen the type of activity you would like to put your child in for the summer, you then have to choose the amount of time you want them to participate. Some parents want something to fill in for the time that the kids normal school hours were covering. This would be a day camp usually between the hours of 9am-3pm monday -friday. There are also activities that go for only a couple hours once a week if the parents when a little fun for their child this summer. But if there is a want to “get away” for an adult vacation then a week long camp might be right up their alley. 

One of the last things to take into consideration when searching for summer activities throughout the Santa Cruz County area is transportation. At first glance an activity at the Boardwalk sounds like a lot of fun, until you take into consideration that what usually takes you 15 minutes to drive to the Boardwalk now takes you over an hour due to summer traffic! It’s highly suggested to avoid areas with heavy traffic. Our Summer Day Camp is located in Scotts Valley conveniently just off the freeway exit. No heavy traffic around here!

Our Summer Activities In Scotts Valley For Kids:

There are many reasons why you’ll want to consider Forte Vocal Academy Day Camps as a summer activity in Santa Cruz County. Besides the lack of traffic we have at our location, there are many fundamental reasons. Our day camps for kids are packed to the rim with activities all day long! Each child will learn how to improve their singing voice. We’ll be working on a montage of songs from their favorite pop artists over the past year, so they’ll be singing none stop all the tunes they love. Plus each student is given time to work on a short solo of their own with our top notch vocal coaches. This will help to stop out any bad habits and allow your child to sing out easily and with confidence. By learning harmonies they will also learn how to work in a group.

Summer Activities Children Santa Cruz Scotts ValleySinging isn’t the only thing our summer camps focus on. We also focus on staging. Staging is where your child learns where and how to move on certain cues. For instance when a specific word is sung they might be cued to raise their left hand and travel to a different spot on the stage. This helps with voice and movement coordination. Like chewing gum and walking 😉 By putting the two movements together your kid learns how to multi task and still stay focused. Movements are kept very simple and easy for kids to learn. The smiles of accomplishment on their faces when a show comes together is always priceless. 

On top of singing and staging our summer day camps also include costume making. Each kid learns the basic of how to make costumes and get to make their very own custom system to be performed in on the last day of the camp. These again are kept very simple and achievable. It can be as fun as making a tutu with scrunchy fabric and elastic, then add in sequence fabric and glue on a neon rhinestone trim and VOILA! Add in some leggings underneath and they have made their very own custom costume bottom! Kids get the hands on experience of putting together a full performance at the end of the week to their friends and family.

Watch One Of Our Camp Performances:

Katy Perry Singing Day Camp


Why Enroll In Summer Activities For Children In Surrounding Santa Cruz County?

Did you know that the number one greatest fear of adults is public speaking? This can lead to major problems or set backs in employment advancement, social abilities, and even overall happiness. By enrolling your kid in summer activities in Scotts Valley like our summer day camp you are teaching your kid early on to face their fears. With a welcoming group of friends and family it’s the perfect environment for them to branch out and over come any fears of public speaking. This positive application translates to many aspects in your childs future such as how well they make new friends and get along with others or even as far in the future as an interview for a new job or advancement, or making business presentations. 

But let’s get back to the present day. when your child takes time away from school for months long with nothing to do, it can cause them to loose focus when returning back to the new school year. Good learning habits are best kept in motion throughout the summer so they can continue back to school without a hitch. Keeping your kids active in activities throughout the summer help with this. That’s why we choose the hours we did with our summer day camps. We felt keeping the routine of waking up early and going to a social activity all week days will continue the same pattern as they had during school months. They stay social, active, and consistent, so when school starts the transition is flawless.

Beyond keeping your child on a consistent routine, let face one clear fact. A happy kid equals a happy parent! When your child is excited to go to their camp all day and is beaming with smiles and stories of fun when you pick them up, then you know the rest of the day will go much smoother then if they were bored at home all day watching television and complaining about nothing to do. So keep your little ones excited to start the day and filled with laughter throughout the summer filled activities here in Scotts Valley!

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